The Dance-Formation of the future

But also right NOW !

With the Mega Festival-Hits:
- Summer Vibes & Livin´ My Dream

- My Fantasy & YOLO & Fire
- Everybody Likes To... :)

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....Summer Vibes

Everyone has had a summer love at some point and walked romantic on the beach. Summer Vibes is about summer love. Feel The Breeze, Feel The Vibes, Enjoy This Summer, These Summer Vibes.

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....Livin´ My Dream

....I live my life as I dreamed:
- Dancing & Entertaining is my life
- Make music
- Singing & Performing on stages
- Getting to know True Love
- Visit many nice places and countries - In / at Many discotheques, bars, cafes & events are allowed to perform

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....My Fantasy

...It´My Fantasy...It´s My Reality.
My Fantasy is my Reality.
My Fantasy is the sequel and sequel to Livin´ My Dream.
So Live your dream and turn your fantasy into reality.

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You Only Live Once
So let it be a very good life.
Pull out all the stops to make your dreams come true,
and live your dream,
because You Only Live Once!

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....Everybody Likes To... :)

- You know what :)
- Laugh
- Getting love
- Life
- Get up the next morning

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welcome to the official website of 2-Sparks

2-Sparks consists of Schiffie (male voice) and Yessi T. (female voice). 2-Sparks’ permanent producer is Ramon Houben (Music Productions).
In 2009, 2-Sparks got its current name after there was a claim from another duo that also used the name 2-Friends, so Schiffie changed the name to 2-Sparks, linked to the “sparks” that appear on stage. from flew! (not in the field of love, but in the field of love for performing and both throwing themselves in to put on a nice show).

The songs of 2-Sparks can be downloaded from the relaese page:

– Summer Vibes
– Livin´ My Dream
– My Fantasy

(more coming soon when it will be released)

for the song ‘Summer Vibes’ Schiffie had to look out for another singer, as Yessi T. had taken a sebattical.
In this he found Asha as a new singer, but because of her career turn this only stayed at 1 song.

Would you like to book 2-Sparks?

Then contact us for the possibilities.

We wish you a lot of fun with the music and acts of 2-Spark.