The Dance-Formation of the future

But also right NOW !

With the Mega Festival-Hits:
- Summer Vibes & Livin´ My Dream

- My Fantasy & YOLO & Fire
- Everybody Likes To... :)

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....Summer Vibes

Everyone has had a summer love at some point and walked romantic on the beach. Summer Vibes is about summer love. Feel The Breeze, Feel The Vibes, Enjoy This Summer, These Summer Vibes.

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....Livin´ My Dream

....I live my life as I dreamed:
- Dancing & Entertaining is my life
- Make music
- Singing & Performing on stages
- Getting to know True Love
- Visit many nice places and countries - In / at Many discotheques, bars, cafes & events are allowed to perform

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....My Fantasy

...It´My Fantasy...It´s My Reality.
My Fantasy is my Reality.
My Fantasy is the sequel and sequel to Livin´ My Dream.
So Live your dream and turn your fantasy into reality.

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You Only Live Once
So let it be a very good life.
Pull out all the stops to make your dreams come true,
and live your dream,
because You Only Live Once!

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....Everybody Likes To... :)

- You know what :)
- Laugh
- Getting love
- Life
- Get up the next morning

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