The Dance-Formation of the future

But also right NOW !

With the Mega Festival-Hits:
- Summer Vibes & Livin´ My Dream

- My Fantasy & YOLO & Fire
- Everybody Likes To... :)

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....Summer Vibes

Everyone has had a summer love at some point and walked romantic on the beach. Summer Vibes is about summer love. Feel The Breeze, Feel The Vibes, Enjoy This Summer, These Summer Vibes.

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....Livin´ My Dream

....I live my life as I dreamed:
- Dancing & Entertaining is my life
- Make music
- Singing & Performing on stages
- Getting to know True Love
- Visit many nice places and countries - In / at Many discotheques, bars, cafes & events are allowed to perform

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....My Fantasy

...It´My Fantasy...It´s My Reality.
My Fantasy is my Reality.
My Fantasy is the sequel and sequel to Livin´ My Dream.
So Live your dream and turn your fantasy into reality.

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You Only Live Once
So let it be a very good life.
Pull out all the stops to make your dreams come true,
and live your dream,
because You Only Live Once!

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....Everybody Likes To... :)

- You know what :)
- Laugh
- Getting love
- Life
- Get up the next morning

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Schiffie (Patrick Schiffelers) meets the sexy Yessi T. for the first time at the Funfair in Heerlen the Netherlands, after recording DJ Kicken vs Mc-Q’s cover song Zombie.
(Schiffie has been performing with DJ Kicken as his Side-Kick since 2004).


After we became friends, Yessi T. joined Si-Magic Radio as face as well as DJ and Presenter.
Later that year, Schiffie and Yessi T. entered the music recording studio for the first time to to record the 2nd single from 2-Sparks (hot then still 2-Friends) called: “The Beauty And The Geek”, like the then TV-program where we participated in the competition for Theme-Song; unfortunately we were 2nd !
The first track of 2-Sparks (then still DJ. Schiffie & amp; DJ. Mokkie, later 2-Friends and now 2-Sparks) is Rave It Out!
Both the first song and the second song have never been released.


Back into the studio, resulting in “Livin´ My Dream”, which was previously released under 2-Friends. An autobiographical song for both Schiffie and Yessi T., the hit unfortunately did not materialize. Release by: D-Core Records


Back into the studio, resulting in “My Fantasy”, which was also previously released under 2-Friends. Again an autobiographical song for both Schiffie and Yessi T., unfortunately the hit was not forthcoming. Release by: D-Core Records


Name change, because it was claimed that the name 2-Friends was already in use by another duo, everything had to be taken back offline and the name changed.
2-Sparks has become the new name.


Yessi T. took a singing sabbatical, so Schiffie had to look for another singer. Asha T. was the sexy dancer at Foxy On Tour at the time where DJ Kicken provided the music and Schiffie provided the entertainment with sexy dancers and striptease acts.
Asha was not a singer but when Schiffie asked her to sing the new song, after hearing her sing in the dressing rooms, Asha said she wanted to try it.
Result: “Summer Vibes”, of which several DJs wanted to make a special remix.
Making it a true Festival -Hit was and even played at Tomorrowland thanks to the cooperation of DJs who also play at this and several other major festivals, including:
DJ Dominico (Tomorrowland & amp; Versus – Belgium), Ian Barras (Tomorrowland & amp; Versus – Belgium), DJ Tijmen (Dance-FM, Netherlands), Gene Pole (Several Festivals), DJ Magic DD (Trudo-FM, Belgium), Erik Koenders (Several Festivals).
Release by: Pink Flamingo Records (Belgium)


Livin´ My Dream was released as a re-release on D-Core Records, Although many DJs played the song in discotheques, the charts remained unfortunately.


After the lack of new songs at Pink Flamingo, Schiffie claimed his rights back.
Summer Vibes was re-released on D-Core Records, the hit rekindled and was played back at various festivals. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus thwarted the possibilities of a new hit because a huge number of Festivals and especially the large festivals could not continue due to the measures taken, for which of course respect to try to suppress the virus.
Our condolences therefore go out to anyone affected by the virus.


My Fantasy will be re-released later this year on D-Core Records, when the measures are relaxed and the hospitality industry, discotheques and festivals are allowed again.
Also Summer Vibes will be back in the spotlight this summer.
Hoping it will now hit the charts and become known worldwide.
Maybe 2-Sparks (Schiffie and Yessi T.) will go back into the studio to record a new song !